Oasis Seekers, we’re proud to announce the next phase in our FTMO rollout: the FTMO DAO.

Not only are we launching FTMO as a DAO, not only are we elevating both the conventional DAO model and the conventional launchpad model, not only will we be holding our first vote within…

Are you in the process of building a project and hoping to mimic the success of launchpad projects like FLOW, SOL, PAID and ROOM, each of which have provided investors over 100x returns in a few short months? Which ecosystem should you build on? How do you deal with the…

Hello, today we’ve got a quick post running down the tokenomics for the Fantom Oasis platform’s $FTMO token.

The distribution of FTMO tokens has been designed to help bootstrap Fantom Oasis as efficiently and with as much care as possible, while rewarding early investors in the platform for the inherent…

Fantom Oasis

A decentralized launchpad bringing new life to the Fantom ecosystem

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